Sanum Investment, Ltd. (“Sanum”) is a Macau-based real estate investment company with significant holdings and operations in Lao PDR. It is among the five largest employers in Lao –a direct result of its tens of millions dollars of investments within the country.

Sanum and its public and private partners own and operate several resort facilities in Lao. The company has an extensive professional training program for its employees, many of whom receive housing, meals, clothing, medical care, and language instruction at no cost. Without a doubt, Sanum’s work within Lao has improved the quality of life for thousands of Lao citizens. By providing its employees with a variety of professional skills, Sanum hopes to foster economic growth and prosperity throughout the country at large.

In addition to providing thousands of jobs for Lao citizens, Sanum strives to be a benevolent corporate citizen in the communities in which it invests. Recently, Sanum built one of the most technologically advanced schools in Lao for the children of Nongdeune Village. Additionally, it constructed a kilometer-long paved road with sidewalks and street lights to replace a poorly constructed dirt road that frequently flooded. Sanum has also spent over one million dollars repairing and renovating a school, a stadium, a temple, and several kilometers of roads in Savannakhet.

Aside from the direct economic benefits of Sanum’s investments in Lao, the company has indirectly generated millions of dollars of tax revenue for the Lao government by prompting tourism and foreign spending within the country. Over ten million Thai and Vietnamese residents live within a three-hour drive of Sanum’s major installations in Lao, many of whom have ventured into the country primarily to visit Sanum’s entertainment areas. Sanum has fallen in love with the people of Lao and looks forward to continuing its prosperous relationships with its partners, both public and private.

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